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Think of this this place as your community "happy place"; somewhere you can go to when you feel down.

The message behind Happiness Is... is actually rather simple: submit your lists of things that make you happy, a video about something that makes you happy or even a song that makes you happy.

I know that personally it's hard to always be in a good mood and we all have bad days or weeks, even months. Even so, it's important to remember the good parts of life! The goal here is to (hopefully) connect people by means of positive enforcement. We all define happiness differently, and what better way to celebrate it!
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Happiness is…

  • Doctor Who on Saturdays
  • talking to strangers in the bookstore
  • not failing a physics test
2 05.18.11

Happiness is…

  1. Friends comforting you when you’re crying in the school washroom.
  2. Spending the day doing nothing worthwhile.
  3. Managing to exceed expectations.

Three Lovely Things

  1. I rode the bus alone and it was raining and the music and the rain fell in time and the whole world stopped around me and fell in place and it was beautiful.
  2. I caught my reflection in the window of my train and I looked beautiful and felt beautiful.
  3. I talked to someone i like.